Tube Bass Trap

Tube Bass Traps are a semi porous system that incorporates an ultra effective bass wave cancellation system with a cylindrical diffusion panel, the acoustic result is two fold.

In the room corners large pressure fluctuations occur due to acoustic energy collecting at wall boundaries, tube bass traps are designed to convert the acoustic pressure zones created in corners into air movement within the dense walls of the tube bass trap, the energy is then converted to heat and effectively damped out of the wave. The resulting bass acoustics are much more controlled, the artificial ‘boominess’  from bass reflections are absent and replaced with considerably tighter, natural bass that is realistic to the presentation. Unlike Helmholtz resonators that are designed to tame a certain frequency, tube bass traps are a broadband system effective  from approximately 55Hz to 400Hz.

The cylindrical corner diffusion panel covers half of the tube bass trap (facing outward into the room) and is extremely efficient at diffusing  the mid and high frequency information while also ensuing this information it is not absorbed by the bass trap.

The tube bass traps are draped in high quality acoustically transparent fabrics and finished with solid wood end caps beautifully treated with a hand rubbed finish. Exotic hardwoods are available on request.

Standard sizing;

12″ diameter x 49″

Fabric available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue and Beige

Custom widths and heights are available on request



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